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I Am Starting A Blog

Updated: May 8, 2022


I am starting a blog. Again.

It's not like I haven't had one before. Or indeed two. In 2019, I contributed to a new blog for teenagers. I don't really remember what I wrote about - probably food, cats and horses, knowing 2019-me. Unfortunately, the blog didn't last. The guy running it ghosted me, and so I stopped sending in posts. The social media pages for the blog fell silent, and when I checked just now the website had disappeared. There went all my hard work.

In 2021, I discovered The Opinion Panel. They take contributions from readers, so I sent in four blog posts. They seemed very receptive, and posted two of them within a month. The other two never saw the light of day, so I sent them a couple more later on in the year. One of those was posted, but the others disappeared. I am in no way blaming The Opinion Panel, for they must be inundated with posts flooding in from readers all over the place. But from the frustration that came from getting no reply came the thought... why don't I set up my own blog?

I was a bit busy then. I had a book to edit and publish. (And I'd love it if you could buy it... it's called The Silent Chapter, and it's a comforting, cottagey historical novel set in interwar Britain.) I'm no less busy now - I have a book to write, AND a book to edit - but there's no time like the present. So six months later, I'm finally doing it. I'm starting a blog. My very own blog.

I'm not expecting much. Frankly I might end up just using it as a journal, talking to myself. But on the off-chance that someone does read this... I'd best introduce myself.

Hello! I'm Katherine. I'm a writer of books and short stories (historical fiction and lesbian fiction), newsletters (sign up for my exclusive bookish news here), random Twitter posts and now an official blog. I won't tell you my life story now - you can find that on my About page - but I'm sure bits of it will come out as we go along. I like to think I'm a pretty funny person (after all, I include jokes in every newsletter), a fan of food (hence why there's a recipe in every newsletter) and a big supporter of shameless cross-promotion (why else would I keep mentioning my newsletter?). I'm pro-LGBT, pro-equality, and generally pro-everything-that-makes-someone-a-decent-person. And a huge fan of punctuation. In case you hadn't noticed from this paragraph.

So if any of that appeals to you, come and follow my blog! I can promise deep thoughts, positivity, candidness, honesty, food, animals, LGBT-ness and a whole lot of fun! Come and sit with me in Katherine's Corner*...

*Thank you to the brilliant Bixby Jones (author of Soulmate, Stage Right) for coming up with this name. And thank you to the rest of my Twitter followers who sent in suggestions. My second favourite name was Anathema Rebel Kink (an anagram of my name). I hope you appreciate why I didn't choose it, though.


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