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I am the author of three novels: The Silent Chapter, The Summer We've Had and Love You However. The latter two are linked by setting, although they can both be read as standalones, and The Silent Chapter stands on its own. They're all brilliant (according to the reviews, I'm not that biased) - so why not check them out? They're all available as eBooks, paperbacks and on Kindle Unlimited.

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Love You However

'Jean Taylor is a woman.'

This is a statement that I have always tolerated about myself. Except now… it seems to be getting harder.

My gender has never felt right, but I’ve been able to overlook it. I’ve always been okay with being Jean: retail worker, choir leader and wife of Petra. Our idyllic little life in Cornwall has given me the stability I’ve needed ever since my sister died, and everything’s been ticking along just fine.

Up until now.

A blast of menopause hormones has brought my gender to the front of my mind. When Petra is suddenly hurled into the role of ‘headteacher’ at work, it becomes harder and harder to share it with her. With work taking over her life and gender taking over mine, how can we keep our marriage alive?

And can I realise my true identity before it’s too late?

After a nightmare couple of years following the death of her celebrity singer mother, Cass Mulligan is moving down to the sun, sea and shingle of Cornwall for a fresh start. But she soon realises that she’s not the only one in need of some TLC…

Felicia Wilson’s life is one long series of spinning plates. She has Dissociative Identity Disorder, a system of five alternate personalities living in her body, and they all have different hopes, fears and desires.

When Cass is thrown together with Felicia, some beautiful friendships grow, and soon there is substantial mutual attraction between Cass and dominant alter Heather. But if things go wrong, they could go very wrong. Can they build a relationship AND keep everybody happy?

The Summer We've Had

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How far can one couple be pushed?

On a mud-caked Manchester riverside at Christmas 1918, the unlikeliest of romance blossoms. One a disturbed ex-soldier and the other a headstrong ex-suffragist, yet Patrick and Dorothy Hammond fit together like pieces of a jigsaw. The quiet village of Little Wychwood is just the place for them to escape the confines of their old lives. There, at last, they are free to realise their dreams: restoring a crucial farm and starting a family.

Except it’s not quite as simple as that. Things start to go wrong very quickly, and the Hammonds are swung around and around on an emotional trapeze as they battle their way through the next forty years. With their own families being rocked apart and revealing horrifying secrets, not to mention the wars they fight inside their own minds, will they manage to hold it all together for the sake of their children, their faith... and their village?

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