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Guest Blogging

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In the early months of 2023, I opened up my blog, Katherine's Corner, to guest posts. Do you have something to say? A certain topic or message burning a hole in you? Do you want to write an article, but without the commitment of a full-time blog? If so, read on to find out how I can help!

What I Am Looking For

In terms of topics, I am very flexible. Past bloggers have written about mental health (like Conny, Ami and SuaSponteBaker), holidays (like George Hannan) and even love (like Katja). As an author, articles about books will be very likely to get a thumbs-up from me (like this one by S-Jay Hart), and if they talk about LGBTQ+ matters, disability rights, or anything I've previously written about myself - even better!

This is not an exclusive list, though. I am receptive to pretty much anything. Which leads us on to...

How To Submit An Article

At the bottom of this page, there is a contact form. Fill it out with your name (a pseudonym is fine if you'd rather not use your real name) and email address, then TYPE A BRIEF PROPOSAL OF YOUR ARTICLE. Just tell me who you are, what you'd like to write about and why you'd like to write about it. DO NOT TYPE YOUR ARTICLE INTO THE BOX. 

This proposal will go straight to my email inbox. Please allow me some time to read and consider it. If I do not reply within ten business days, consider it a rejection, although I endeavour to reply to everybody. Once I have given your proposal the thumbs-up, go ahead and email it to me. I will read it, and if I give that the thumbs-up too, you can expect to see it posted on Katherine's Corner within an agreed time frame. If for some reason your post is delayed, I will let you know.

But First... Read The Rules!

  • Articles must be between 500 and 1,000 words long, give or take a few either way. If you know you're going to have trouble fitting into this, please let me know.

  • I will not spell-check or grammar check your work, unless you ask me to. If you don’t, I will post it exactly as you send it.

  • Please fact check your work, and provide sources if you quote any statistics.

  • Any required links must be added in square brackets [like this] next to the words to which you'd like them attached.

  • I accept either PDF files or a link to a Google DocumentI do not accept Microsoft Word documents.

    • If you need help converting your file to a PDF or Google Document, feel free to ask me.

  • Content warnings must be placed at the start of each post, if applicable.​

  • You will be expected to help me promote the article when it’s posted. I will tag you on social media, and also post a link to your website or blog if you have one, when the article is posted.

  • Any transphobic, homophobic, xenophobic, racist or otherwise prejudiced content will immediately result in a delete and a block.

  • No financial compensation is either offered or required, at any stage.

  • Katherine Blakeman reserves the right to refuse proposals, before or after submission, and to take published articles down at any point should she deem it necessary.

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