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Nicole Pyland: A Sapphic Fiction February Interview

I was very excited when Nicole agreed to this interview, because she is an absolute powerhouse of an author. As you will see when you read her interview, she quite simply cannot be stopped, and writes novels in her spare time when she’s not completing degrees or working a full-time job. Anyone who writes AND works full-time has my undying admiration, but to write so many books? Over fifty in seven years? I was astounded, reading Nicole’s answers to my questions. Make sure to support her by checking out her writing!

Hello Nicole - firstly, tell us a little more about you! Who are you and what do you do?

I'm a bestselling author of sapphic romance novels, including No After You, All the Love Songs, and the series like Chicago, San Francisco, Tahoe, Sports, Boston, Holiday, Royalty, and more. Since 2017, I've published over 50 books, recently branching out into science fiction/romance as well. I grew up in Indiana, and have degrees in English & Film and a MS in Behavior Analysis. By day, I work as a Head of Training at a start-up. By nights and weekends, I write sapphic romance novels with HEAs.

How did you become an author?

I started writing fanfiction writing for Quinntana (GLEE) and Clexa (The 100) and then, I got an idea and decided to write my own characters. I shared that with my then future wife, and she liked it. Not long after that, I'd written all of the Chicago Series and All the Love Songs, and my wife wanted to publish them, so she took on the job of researching how to self-publish, and published Fresh Start and All the Love Songs two days apart. We had no idea if anyone other than my mom would buy a copy, but people started to buy and read my books, and we kept going. Now, it's her full-time job (to edit and publish) and I write during my nights and weekends.

Who’s your favourite character that you’ve ever written?

This is a very difficult question to answer, but I always go back to Kenzie from All the Love Songs because she's neurodivergent like me, and I feel like I can understand her pretty easily. I was glad when I continued to write the rest of the Celebrities Series because I got a chance to write for Kenzie a few more times, and I always like returning to her and her fictional life in my mind.

Do you ever experience writer’s block? If so, how do you overcome it?

Not anymore, no. I can't say I overcame it with any particular tip or trick. When I was younger and writing (in school and a kid mainly), I would start writing something and would just stop and not finish it. I had story after story piled up in notebooks and later, on my computer, but when I started writing fanfiction, ideas for those characters just came to me, and then, I got ideas for my own characters, and I haven't stopped writing since. I think what did it for me was writing romance between two women honestly. Once I figured out that I wanted to tell those stories, I haven't been blocked at all. Before that, I was trying to write stories that I thought I was "supposed" to write and I did get blocked.

What do you consider to be the hardest part of writing?

That part when I'm wrapping up one book, but I'm not quite done yet, and the next idea won't leave me alone. I write one book at a time, and I'm lucky that I write them very quickly, but I do have to tell that idea to leave me alone until I'm ready for it. The idea and I then disagree and sometimes, it wins, but usually, I'm able to finish the current book.

And how about the most rewarding?

Whenever I get messages from people telling me that they connected with a character or story and that it impacted them in a positive way. That's easily the most rewarding part of publishing my books. I've had so many people reach out over the years to tell me that a character or plot resonated with them and helped them decide something, go somewhere or do something they never would have, or just recognize something about themselves.

What is one piece of advice you wish you had listened to, either in life or with regards to being an author?

I don't think I trusted myself or my ability enough when I was younger. Even when people told me that I was a good writer and that I should publish, I didn't believe them, so maybe I wish I would have believed them and tried to publish a little earlier, but I'm happy where I am in my journey at the same time.

You’re putting together a party. Which characters from the Sapphic Fiction genre would you invite?

I'd love to invite all of the dry, sarcastic characters I've read over the years to a party. I usually toss out Elle Spencer and Casting Lacey here (because Lacey fits this description). I love the quick witted characters, and I usually listen to audiobooks, so I get to listen to a talented narrator portray that, so I'd say any and all of them. They could have a sarcasm battle or something and I would be endlessly entertained. I really only listen to sapphic romance, so you can probably insert most characters that fit that description here, and I think we'd all have a great time. Of my own characters, I'd invite Paisley from The Misperception and Ada from The Disappeared just to watch them inevitably argue about something. I'd make sure to have popcorn at this party.

Is there anyone you’d like to highlight, while you’re here?

I'd love to give KC Luck a boost here. She started IReadIndies a few years ago as a way to bring us indie authors together and get more attention tossed our way. The amount of time and money she put into trying to help other authors like myself should definitely be recognized, so if you can, go out and pick up one (or more) of her books!

How can people connect with you?

Website, newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, Bluesky, Instagram @nicole_pyland, Threads @nicole_pyland

Finally a light-hearted one. What ice cream flavours and toppings would you put together in your ultimate sundae?

I don't know the sundae requirements exactly, but I'd go classic vanilla ice cream here, but the really good kind (not the cheap stuff), and I'd go with strawberries that I'd mash up with some sugar and a little lemon juice, some blackberries, raspberries, and slices of apple. I'd cook that down in a pan with a little butter and top the ice cream with it.

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