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Well. There's a question.

One that I have asked myself many, many times. As I sat at my dining room table revising for my school exams. As I walked into my first proper job. As I lay awake at night wondering whether I was gay, bi or just going through a 'phase'. (Hint: it wasn't the latter.) But writing has been my constant companion throughout. Whenever I didn't want to think about it, I just turned to my laptop - or my pen and paper, glitzy notepad or the Notes section of my phone - and immersed myself in whatever I was writing at the time. For the last four or five years, that has been The Silent Chapter, my debut novel. I owe my characters a lot, even the ones I despise. I only hope that my readers love the rest of them just as much as I do.

Why not find out for yourself? My historical fiction novel The Silent Chapter is available right now. As for the future... well, watch this space - and my social medias, linked below - to keep updated!

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