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A Message To Anyone Struggling: Sending Love

Hello there.

I don’t know why you’ve clicked on this blog. Perhaps someone sent it to you. Perhaps you saw it on social media and were curious. Perhaps you’re feeling down and clicked on this in the hope that it would cheer you up. Or maybe it’s something else entirely.

In any case, hello and a warm welcome to you. Whyever you’re here, however you got here, I hope that this short message resonates with you in some way, and improves your day.

If you feel like you’re not loved, let me reassure you here and now that you are. Someone, or something, loves you. I do. That person you smiled at on the street the other day does. Your pet does, if you have one. Your cuddly toys, if you have them. You. Are. Loved.

Perhaps something bad has happened to you recently. Life’s been rough. Let me reiterate, here and now, that you do not deserve it. And if you’ve made any sort of mistake, no matter how big or small: forgive yourself. You deserve peace and love and joy. And if those things haven’t been present in your life recently, I’m sorry. They will come. They have to.

You make the world a better place, simply by existing. I know that sounds like an empty statement, but you do. Whoever you are, you – in all your beautiful uniqueness – contribute to the world’s diversity. Its make-up. Be gentle on yourself. If you don’t feel happy with who you are at the moment… you will figure it out. You are doing just fine. You are not alone, and you still have so much to offer the world.

You deserve to take up space, and you deserve to be heard. You, in fact, deserve the world.

Sit down. Take some deep breaths. Have a drink and something to eat if you can.

Please hold on. The world is a better place with you in it.

Sending love and virtual hugs if they’re your thing.

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