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Addison Clarke: A Sapphic Fiction February Interview

Addison Clarke’s website contains a quote from Erica Lee (who we've already heard from during Sapphic Fiction February). It says “Addison is fabulous and wonderful.” And although I didn’t know Addison very well before Sapphic Fiction February, after having interviewed her, I am inclined to agree! After all, she is the author of the Moonflower Cove series, which is amazing in its own right. Read on, everyone!

So Addison - tell us a little more about you! Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a part time writer and full time fangirl. Constantly planning and plotting my next ten novels.

How did you become an author?

I became an author because I wanted to read stories with nerdy girls falling in love.

Who’s your favourite character that you’ve ever written?

My favorite character I’ve ever written is Sophia Beauchamp. Love or hate her, everyone has strong feelings about her and I love that.

What do you consider to be the hardest part of writing?

Writing. Haha. Or editing. I hate editing.

And how about the most rewarding?

The most rewarding is publishing a book and hearing people’s reviews of it.

Is there anyone you’d like to highlight, while you’re here?

Erin Zak! She keeps me going when I want to give up. And her book, The Hummingbird Sanctuary, is my ultimate comfort book. I reread it every time I need a break from the world.

How can people connect with you?

Twitter: AddisonClarke_

IG & Tiktok AddisonClarkeWrites

Finally a light-hearted one. What ice cream flavours and toppings would you put together in your ultimate sundae?

Every kind of Reese’s peanut butter cup on top of homemade vanilla ice cream.

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