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Undiscovered: 50 Sapphic books you probably don't know about!

It’s no secret that it’s Pride month right now. Yes, that glorious month of colours and gayness, where companies stick a rainbow on their social media profiles and profess themselves allies. Goodreads supplies us with a page of ‘beloved LGBTQ+ stories’, the majority of which have hundreds if not thousands of ratings.

And this is all well and good – I’m sure they are all wonderful books. But this ostracises newer authors. Or less well-known authors. Like me and so many others. We’re doing our best to get a foothold in this fast-expanding genre, but the more established authors get the lion’s share of readers. It’s a sad fact of life, and one that I am attempting to change.

You’ll have seen plenty of lists flying about over the last few days in the book sphere. Lists of well-loved Sapphic fiction novels, often ones that everyone knows, the same (let’s say) twenty books appearing time and time again. Now I’d like to draw attention to some lesser-known books. By authors you may not have seen or heard of before. Some of these books are older, some more recent, some are indie, some are small press, but all of them have less than fifty ratings on Goodreads.

So if you’d like to help redress the balance between big titles and those less well-known – here is your chance. Let’s shine a light on some vastly underappreciated books. Fifty of them, to be exact, alphabetical by author name, listed below.

Happy reading!

NB: I am not financially or professionally affiliated with any of these authors; their inclusion is based on my own research.


When The Lonely Walk by Abi Payton

Becoming Her by Abigail Taylor

Color Me In by Alicia Newton

Gold Mountain by Anne Azel

Only Human by Audrey Wilson

Two Lives, One Heart by Barbara Lynn Murphy

The Dandelion Festival by Carie Green

The Disappearance of Lindy James by Catherine Maiorisi

Shattered Paradise by C.L. Cattano

Tomorrow’s Child by D.G. Barnes

Safe Haven by Ellen Hoil

Atomweight by Emi Sasagawa

Dial One For Revenge by Emma Brand

Misconceptions by Erika Renee Land

The Moonshine Heart by Eule Grey

Kisses After Midnight by Fiona Zedde

Three To Tango by Gaelle Cathy

Returning To You by Gwen Tolios

These Endless Days by Hayden Quinn (which is on sale on Amazon for today only – don’t miss out!)

Best Friends’ Promise by Issy Waldrom and Mackenzie Sutton

Harvest Dreams by Jacqueline Fein-Zachary

The Curse’s Light by Joharra Harper

Love You However by Katherine Blakeman (yes, me!)

Chainsaw Heart by Kiernan Kelly

Changing Gears by L.A. Wright

Callaloo & Other Lesbian Love Tales by LaShonda Katrice Barnett

Imperfect by L.E. Harvey

Rainbow Gap by Lee Lynch

Loving Safoa by Liza Wemakor

The Willing by Lyn Hemphill

Internet Famous by M.B. Guel

Slaying Dragons by McGee Matthews

Letters I’ll Never Send by Nicole Zelniker

Perilous and Beautiful by Patricia Lucia

Darkness Descending by Penny Mickelbury

Count Me In by Renée Dahlia

Hope for Spring by S.E. Smyth

Lifelines by Shireen Magedin

These Curious Pleasures by Sloane Britain

Of Books And Paper Dragons by Vaela Denarr and Micah Iannandrea

With Love, From Planet B by Zaayin Salaam MD


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