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Undiscovered 2.0: 50 MORE Sapphic books you probably don't know about!

Since the first edition went down so well, I thought I’d make a part two.

If you’re new here – hi, I’m Katherine Blakeman, and it upsets me to see the same few Sapphic books being recommended time and time again to the detriment of other, less-well-known books and authors. A couple of weeks ago, I compiled a list of fifty, all of which had under fifty reviews or ratings on Goodreads. It took the Sapphic world by storm – or at least that’s what it felt like for me, since I am a less-well-known author myself – and so I decided to do a second round.

This time, the community got involved. Several of these books were recommended by fellow Sapphic fiction readers. The rest, I found by myself. You probably know the drill by now – behold this list, alphabetically sorted by author name. Go out there, and show these books some love! Meanwhile, I’ll continue to peddle my own little Sapphic books (The Summer We’ve Had and Love You However) in the hope that you guys go and show them some love, too…

Happy reading!

NB: I am not financially or professionally affiliated with any of these authors; their inclusion is based on my own research, and recommendations from other authors/readers.


Hera’s Studio by Alyssa Bloom

Unexpected Entanglements by Angela K. Crandall

First Comes Death by Avrah C. Baren

Have It All by Beverly Anne Michel

Faun Over Me: A Sapphic Monster Romance by B. L. Brown

The Goddess And The Crane by Cailee Francis

Blood Remains by Cathy Pegau

Does Love Always Win? by Diane Billas

For Love And Liberty by Eden Hopewell

Sink Into Her by Elaine J. Daniels

Lost In Desire by Grace Parkes

The Sea of Stars by Gwenhyver

Oathbound: A Sapphic Portal Fantasy by Hadley H. Hudson

Amber Stars by Isabel Hansen

Sweet is Her Heart by Isabella Eden

Her Unexpected Mistake by Jesalin Creswell

Loving Vampire by Julie Law

Watch Over Me by Kate Hennessy

You Distract Me by Katie Colttt

Steele Influence by Kimberly Amato

Lesbian Cowboy by Kitty Jones

Merging Hearts by Lauren Hart

The Santa Pageant by Lillian Barry

Sit, Stay, Marry by L.R. Martiny

Love And Laughter by Mardria Portuondo

The Flourishing by Merlina Garance

One Light: Beyond The Portal by Michelle Arnold

A Swift And Sudden Exit by Nico Vincenty

Pocket Queens by Nicolette Dane

Break My Fall by Olive North

Partners In Crime by Rachel Bowdler

Unpuzzled by Suzie Carr

Unlock My Heart by Symone West

Dulhaniyaa by Talia Bhatt

Whimsical Fire by Tiffany E. Taylor

Heartbeats by Wyn West

Can't get enough? Find the first round here. And be sure to check out my books too, while you're at it! (What? I'm an independent author too, I have to get my promotion in there where I can...)


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